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KAST Athlete's Compete in Glenn Grice Classic

Athletes were challenged with a full weekend of races at the Glen Grice Classic in Panorama on January 29 – 31st. Approximately 86 men and 64 women competed throughout the weekend. In a sport where these athletes complete an entire race course in less time than it will take you to read this posting, all athletes should be proud of their efforts and accomplishments throughout the weekend. However, the following is a listing of KAST’s top 40 placings:

On Saturday, Marko Bozinovski placed 16th overall in the Men’s Super Combined, 5.27 seconds behind first place in this two race, combined time event. Jared Topham placed 25th, Brenden Villeneuve placed 32nd, Aaron Smith placed 36th, Alexander Lake placed 38th and Skler Wallinder placed 40th. Sophie Ordman placed 33rd in Saturday’s Women’s Super G.

On Sunday, Georgia Willinger made the podium, placing 3rd in the Women’s Super Combined event, 1.43 seconds behind the leader. Sophie Ordman placed 26th. Sunday’s Men’s Super G race saw Marko placing 20th, 2.58 seconds behind the leader. Jared placed 23rd, Drew Cornell 26th, Brenden 29th, Skyler 33rd, and Tyler Brosha placed 36th.

Monday saw both men and women competing in two, single run GS races. In the Men’s first run, Drew place 12th, a mere 1.91 seconds behind first place. Marko placed 21st , Tyler placed 29th, Jared 33rd, Brenden 35th, and Morritz Reinders narrowly missed the top 40, placing 41st.

In the afternoon, Marko placed 24th. Jared, Brenden, and Skyler placed 26th, 27th and 28th respectively, with times of 44.44, 44.54 and 49.62 seconds! Aaron Smith placed 34th, Tyler placed 37th, and Moritz Reinders secured 40th placing.

In the Women’s morning race, Sophie Ordman placed 19th, 3.48 seconds behind first place. After falling the in the morning race, Georgia Willinger placed 5th in the second GS race, .7 seconds behind first place. Sophie Ordman placed 21st.

A complete listing of times can be found on the Alberta Alpine website under “results”.

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