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Nakiska Alpine Ski Association

The Nakiska Alpine Ski Association is a non-profit organization that was founded in the summer of 2009, bringing together four Nakiska based ski racing clubs who agreed to re-organize their programs to work collaboratively as a goal to build Canada's best alpine ski racing development system. We are proudly the home club of the Nakiska Ski Resort in Kananaskis, Alberta.


In the first season of operation, NASA established itself as one of Alberta’s largest and strongest alpine development systems.  A new member club joined the NASA organization in 2011 bringing the current number of member clubs to five.  NASA’s clubs have continued to grow and improve their programs every year. NASA and its member clubs collectively represent one of the largest alpine ski racing organizations in Western Canada.


NASA’s goals are twofold:

  1. To introduce as many athletes as possible to the sport of alpine ski racing and to develop a long term love of the sport.

  2. To create the best alpine development system in Canada, ultimately delivering world-class athletes to Alberta’s Provincial Ski Teams and to Canada’s National Ski Teams. 


NASA achieves its goals by maximizing efficiencies and dedicating professional staff at each level, which in turn minimizes the cost of the sport thereby making ski racing accessible to as many families as possible. Each NASA member club is responsible for delivering programs to a specific athlete age group while maintaining consistent philosophies, methodologies and procedures.  NASA’s member clubs work cooperatively with the goal of preparing each athlete to successfully progress to the next level.   


NASA is governed by a Board of Directors, comprised of members from each of it's independent member clubs to ensure open communication and equal representation and decision making for athletes at all levels.  Each of NASA's independent member clubs are non-profit organizations that maintain independent Boards of Directors who employ their own professional coaches and draw upon parent volunteers to deliver programs to specific age groups.  The clubs contribute resources to the non-profit NASA organization for the purposes of employing a full-time NASA Program Director, Executive Director, Sport Science Specialist and Program Administrator.  This professional NASA staff provides consultaton and support services to each of the NASA independent member clubs.  


The current NASA member clubs and their respective age groups programs include:


Skimeisters Alpine Racing Club: U8 and U10 Nancy Greene Ski League Programs (ages 5 - 9)  

Mount Allan Ski Team - U10+ and U12 Programs (ages 9 - 11)       

Paskapoo Alpine Racing Team - U14 Programs (ages 12 - 13)           

Kananaskis Alpine Racing Team - U16 Programs (ages 14 - 15)         

National Alpine Training Centre – Minimeister and FIS Programs (ages 4 - 5 and 16+)


NASA is a leader in the Alberta ski racing community and NASA represents a true grassroots athletic program.


NASA – Creating Tomorrow’s Champions Today!

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