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Evolve Ski Cross Club

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Who: Athletes born in 2006 and earlier. Focus U21 team, with SR athletes tracking towards Canada Ski Cross (CSX)


Program Philosophy: The Evolve Ski Cross Club offers competitive, high-performance FIS programming for athletes looking for individualized, year-round training to excel in ski cross (SX), with the support of a solid base of alpine programming.


The Evolve program focuses 60% of their training time in alpine, predominantly GS and SG, with 40% SX training at the Nakiska Ski Area.

Our goal is to provide training for athletes to progress directly to the CSX NextGen team and we will use their criteria to shape our programming. Progressing athletes to the World Junior Championships is also a key goal of this program.


Targeted days on snow: 130+


Dryland: Monday to Friday from May to November delivered by Peak Power. Dryland training primarily focuses on Olympic lifting, agility and conditioning.


Evolve has an in-house gym at Nakiska to facilitate cool-down and aerobic exercise.


Transportation: Van service out of Calgary is provided for all training and racing.

Targeted Competition Schedule: SX NorAm circuit and domestic alpine events with the goal of athletes skiing to 80 alpine points or lower.

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