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Why Nakiska Alpine?

What makes the Nakiska Alpine Ski Association a program that is a cut above the rest? It is simple - our program, our philosophy and our commitment to the sport of alpine ski racing. We pride ourselves on the following:

  • Nakiska Ski Area where we call home, is 1-hour from Calgary at the eastern gateway to the Rocky Mountains. It is a world-class alpine ski training venue, with the runs having been originally cut for the 1988 Calgary Olympic Alpine events.  It is also home to the Alpine Canada ski cross training track.  Nakiska has a long and consistent training and racing season due to the mix of natural snowfall and extensive snowmaking. 

  • Nakiska, and its ownership group RCR, are fantastic partners with whom we have an incredible working relationship.  The support we receive from them is unmatched.

  • Nakiska Alpine has a progressive sport development system that is athlete-centred, coach-led, and parent-supported.

  • We maintain a maximum 6:1, athlete to coach ratio for all programs - from U6 to FIS.

  • Our coaching staff are highly qualified and experienced, and we enjoy an exceptional employee retention rate. Staff improvement and career development is important to us.

  • We have a strong dryland training program starting at U10, with specialized Strength and Conditioning coaches who support our on-snow program starting at U12.  Dryland is available year-round.

  • Nakiska Alpine has an incredible support network of parent volunteers who welcome all new families into the fold. Whether you can ski or not, there are many ways you can support your athlete and the club. Your volunteer time with Nakiska Alpine is valued and appreciated.

  • We are proud to have athlete alumni who have moved up and on to provincial and national level programs.

  • Our entire staff recognize that while podium wins are fantastic, our daily training goals revolve around skill development, supporting each athlete to reach their own personal goals and to have fun.  No matter where your athlete’s ski racing takes them, they will be skiers for life.

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