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Cold Weather Guidelines

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Training for all programs will only be cancelled due to cold temperatures or poor weather if the Ski Area where training is scheduled is closed. If the ski area is open, all training will continue as scheduled. The club reserves the right to modify training schedules due to weather.


Head Coaches are responsible for updating Team Snap as soon as practical should training cancellation or modification occur.

Refunds and/or rescheduled training days are not available for program cancellation due to cold temperatures or poor weather.

The Cold Weather Policy was ratified for the 2022/23 season at the Nakiska Alpine board meeting on March 7, 2023. The updated policy for the 2022/23 season and future seasons is the following from the minutes:

  • U12 and lower age groups:

    • Cancel training if:

  • U14:

      • Cancel training if:

        • the daytime high is below -20 degrees Celsius

        • and/or the windchill factor makes the temperature -25 degrees Celsius

      • Measuring stick - Environment Canada tower Kananaskis (Nakiska Ridge Top):

  • U16 and FIS will be left to the coaches' discretion

From a procedural perspective, Nakiska Alpine Program Director, will make the final call on training being cancelled, schedule changes or going ahead as planned. A decision will be made on Friday. We will do our best to give families enough notice but we have had seasons where the forecast changes rapidly and we need to change our decisions. All communication will come through TeamSnap regarding any cancellations or changes.

However, if training is still a go but it is too cold for you and your family, don't hesitate to stay home. You know your children best and how they cope in colder conditions. 

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