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Kananaskis Alpine Ski Club

Who: Athletes born in 2009 and 2010


Program Philosophy: The Kananaskis Alpine Ski Club (KASC) offers a year-round comprehensive program designed to help athletes achieve their potential at U16 and beyond. We recognize that our athletes have ambitious athletic goals alongside academic commitments. To accommodate their varying needs, we offer a high volume of training that allows for scheduling flexibility.


At KASC, our priority is athletic development. Early in the season, we focus on technical free skiing, drill work, slalom, and GS. As athletes build confidence on snow, we introduce speed fundamentals and ski cross in controlled environments. Our primary races are the Sporting Life Provincial Race Series and U16 Western Nationals.


Beyond ski racing, KASC’s mission is to equip athletes with skills that will prepare them for life. Our program aims to teach our athletes to be independent, empowered, and disciplined individuals both on and off the snow. We foster a high-performance environment to help our athletes achieve excellence in all aspects of their lives.


Targeted Days on Snow: 100+


Dryland Training: Offered Monday to Thursday from June to November, delivered by Peak Power. Dryland training primarily focuses on building the foundations for Olympic and power lifting, agility, and conditioning.


Training Schedule: Regular training is offered Thursday to Sunday at Nakiska and Monday nights at COP.


Transportation: Van service out of Calgary is provided for training, racing, and camps.


For more information on our 2024/25 program, please contact the Nakiska Alpine Program Director.

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