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National Alpine 

Training Centre FIS

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Who: Athletes born in 2008 and earlier.


Program Philosophy: The National Alpine Training Center (NATC) offers competitive, high-performance FIS programming for athletes looking for individualized, year-round training. NATC believes the needs and experiences of each athlete are unique. We offer a program that allows the individual to achieve both their athletic and academic goals. To accommodate this, NATC has a high volume of training that allows athletes to have flexibility with their academic schedule. 


At NATC we believe in trusting the process of athletic development, as opposed to focusing on results. Early in the season, we focus primarily on skiing fundamentals, SL and GS. As the athletes progress through the season, Super-G and DH are introduced in training and race environments. NATC offers an extensive year-round dryland program to help athletes maximize gains on snow and minimize the risk of injury.


Positive team dynamic and culture is the cornerstone of the NATC philosophy. Though ski racing is an individual sport, it requires a network of coaches, supportive teammates, and families to help each athlete achieve their potential.


Targeted days on snow: 130+


Dryland: Monday to Friday from May to November delivered by Peak Power. Dryland training primarily focuses on Olympic lifting, agility and conditioning.


NATC has an in-house gym at Nakiska to facilitate cool-down and aerobic exercise.


Training Schedule: Regular season training is offered Thursday-Sunday at Nakiska and Tuesday nights at COP.


Transportation: Van service out of Calgary is provided for all training and racing.

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