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Safe Sport

As a member of Alpine Canada Alpin (ACA) through our membership with the Alberta Alpine Ski Association (AASA), we support and are governed by Safe Sport policy as administered and defined by ACA. Please link directly to ACA's website for details on the Safe Sport Policies and Athlete Protection Policies which the Nakiska Alpine Ski Association adheres to:

ACA Safe Sport Webpage

ACA Code of Conduct Policy

ACA Athlete Protection Policy

The ACA website has significant links to resources and support services. Please link directly with the ACA website to access these important tools.

Reporting Maltreatment

If a minor is in immediate danger or risk call 911 or the Canadian Centre for Child Protection at 1-800-532-9135


Known or suspected maltreatment of a minor must also be reported to ACA’s Independent Third Party. This provides ACA an opportunity to further investigate the allegation and remove the alleged perpetrator from the organization if necessary. 

Reporting to the Independent Third-Party: 

In relation to adults, a crime or suspected crime should be reported directly to the police and the corresponding sport organization’s Independent Third-Party.  

If you report a valid suspicion and it turns out to be unfounded, there are no penalties for you. Provincial and territorial child protection legislation ensures individuals who report suspicions of maltreatment in compliance with the duty to report provision will not be penalized if the report is later deemed unsubstantial. For more information, please review:

Jurisdictional Legislation on Child Protection:
Provincial and Territorial Child Protection Legislation and Policy (2018)

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