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Skimeisters Alpine Racing Club

At Nakiska Alpine, our Nancy Greene Ski League programs are operated by the Skimeisters Alpine Racing Club (SARC). SARC is our oldest member club, having been incorporated in 1967. These programs are designed for athletes aged 5 to 9 and focus on building essential skiing skills, participation, teamwork and a focus on fun. For our youngest skiers, it's all about building a love for skiing. As athletes get older, program selections offer more training days on snow and more competitive experiences, preparing our 8 and 9-year-old graduates to move up to the U10+ and U12 programs, the next level in the Nakiska Alpine system. The design and content of our program is structured using the Long Term Development plan developed by Alpine Canada Alpin – the governing body for ski racing in Canada - along with very experienced coaches and sport scientists working at all levels.

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