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Refund Policy

Mini, U8, U10, Programs Refund Policy


No refunds will be given after the program start date or November 15th, whichever comes first. Prior to that date, there will be a $75 cancellation charge.


In case of injury - If a member is unable to continue with their program, the following formula will be used to determine refunds:


  • Up to January 31st: 50% of the total registration fees will be refunded.

  • After February 1st: No refund will be provided.


U10+, U12, U14, U16, FIS Programs Refund Policy


NASA member clubs have adopted the policy whereas athlete monies (program fees) are spent first.  Should an athlete be injured mid-season but the athlete is able to return to training within the season they would still be considered to be part of the team and as such the staff would assist the athlete in finding treatment for the injury as well as assisting the athlete with their recovery and no refunds or credits would be applicable.


For season-ending injuries prior to:

  •    Aug 1 - 75% refund.

  •    Nov 1 - 50% refund.

  •    Jan 1 - 25% refund.

  •    After Jan 1 – no refund.

For withdrawal from program prior to:

  •   Aug 1 - 50% refund.

  •   Dec 1 - 25% refund.

  •   After Dec 1 – no refund.

Families would remain responsible for all racer account related charges up until the date they notified the NASA Program Director of their athlete's withdrawal from the program.

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