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Nakiska Alpine's Development System

Alpine ski racing is a unique sport in that we don't have tiering and we don't have select teams until U16, at the earliest, and only for specific events like the Canada Winter Games or race opportunities nationally and internationally. We are a commitment based sport where your results from U6 to U16 don't carry forward from season to season. Every athlete starts fresh once they register for their first season of FIS at the age of 16 and the only legacy an athlete takes with them into FIS is their work ethic, their coachability and their love of the sport.

Your athlete's pathway through our program is based on their desire to alpine ski race. If they have goals of reaching the Provincial or National team, we have a program stream for them. If they are interested in a strong development system with less time on snow, we have a program stream for them. And if your athlete isn't sure from season to season, they are welcome to jump between program streams. 

Athletes who retire from ski racing are also eligible to start coaching at 15 years of age. Please contact our Program Director if this is of interest to you. 

Alpine ski racing is a life long sport. Your experience in this sport is solely dictated by your desire to spend time on a ski hill enjoying the Canadian Rockies, so please pick a pathway that suits you and join us this season!

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