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NASA 2020/21 House League


At NASA, we understand the winter sport landscape still feels very uncertain this season. What we do know is that as long as the great resort of Nakiska is open, we will be skiing. With that in mind, we are pleased to announce the 2nd season of the Nakiska Alpine Ski Association House League. Regardless of whether there is provincial and national racing, as long as we are skiing, at NASA, we will be racing. We will use this House League season towards establishing in-house racing for many seasons to come.


The purpose of the Nakiska Alpine Ski Association (NASA) House League is to create community among all age groups and to provide an alternative race and competition experience that encompasses the entire season.



The NASA House League will comprise of 4 House Teams named after ski runs at Nakiska:


  • Team LEGACY



  • Team RUSTLER


Each team will have a captain, assigned at the beginning of the season, from our Head Coach staff. Only coaches and athletes who are members of NASA are eligible to participate.


In September, NASA Executive Director and NASA Program Director will host an athlete draft with the goal of creating pre-season, even-skilled teams, from our Provincial Series athletes. Each team will be comprised of equal numbers of athletes from each age division (FIS, U16, U14, U12, U10+). Where there are uneven numbers, coaches will make decisions on athlete placement.


By January 31, 2022, U10, U8 and Flex athletes will be assigned to a House Team based on their coach group. All Minimeister athletes will be assigned by this date as well with House Teams based on the day they are registered and either morning or afternoon session.


Teams will stay as formed until the trade deadline of February 28, 2022. On March 1, 2022, our Captains will make any adjustments (trades) to our U10+ and older age group Provincial Series athletes to ensure evenly matched teams prior to entering the bulk of the race season.



Athletes can earn points for their house team based on two race formats:


  1. House/Club Based Time Trials and Mock Races

  2. FIS, ACA, AASA Sanctioned Races


Points will be awarded based on final results. All disqualifications (DSQ), did not finish (DNF) and did not start (DNS) are not eligible for points. For House/Club based time trials, coaches will determine the format prior to the race for point eligibility – either best time across all runs or combined time of 2 runs. 


The point system applies to all disciplines – SL, GS, SG, DH, SX. For House/Club Based Time Trials, coaches have the discretion to set creative courses that utilize multiple disciplines as well as unique features. We will also encourage new course setters and also legacy/guest setters.


We will do our best to ensure we run equal time trials for our single day athletes to participate. Mock races will only be run on one day and as such all athletes will be welcome to attend.



Time trial results will not be posted publicly. Points earned by each athlete can be queried by athletes and parents to the NASA Executive Director. The goal of this league is not to celebrate the individual win but to contribute to the collective victory.


The end of the House League will take place at the 2022 Wearmouth Cup. The House League Champion will be awarded at this event with results from this race included in the final tally for a winner.

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